Five Finger Death Punch Team up with Judas Priest Legend Rob Halford On "Lift Me Up"

One of the most popular American metal bands in recent years, Five Finger Death Punch have teamed up with Judas Priest legend Rob Halford for the new lead single from their hotly anticipated first of two albums this year.

Lift Me Up will be released on May 13th via all digital retailers.

In the UK you can purchase from Amazon
In the US you can purchase from iTunes

FFDP announced the collaberation between the band and Halford at this years Revolver Golden Gods awards in LA a couple of months back where they also debuted the track with Rob Halford joining them in top screaming form. You can check out the video below.

Singer Ivan Moody had this to say about the coming together:

"First and foremost, just to work alongside an icon like Rob Halford, THE Metal God, was absolutely surreal. The song itself was originally written about overcoming everyday obstacles and less than perfect situations.

Most of us weren't born with a silver spoon in our mouth but if life dealt you all the wrong cards, you still have to play.

The song's intent is to inspire; if you play that hand right you might just come out on top anyway"

As we mentioned earlier this month FFDP are releasing TWO new albums this year.

The band will also be playing at the Download festival in June.

This video is NSFW (Language)


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