Fozzy Frontman & WWE Superstar Chris Jericho To Host Metal Hammer Golden God Awards at London O2 Arena

Readers of Scribes Of Metal who have are Fozzy fans, have a general interest in the metal world and/or who are also followers of World Wrestling Entertainment (aka the WWE) may be very interested in our latest piece of metal news; Following in the footsteps of such famous metal luminaries as Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian and Michael Starr & Satchel from Steel Panther, Fozzy singer, WWE superstar and all around world renowned entertainer Chris Jericho will be the host for the 2012 Metal Hammer Golden God Awards.

The awards will take place in the same venue as the last couple of years at the Indigo2 inside the main O2 Arena in Greenwich, London on the 11th of June 2012. Jericho, who has hosted the American equivalent Revolver Golden Awards on numerous occasions and who is also a metal show radio host in the US and online is rather excited about hosting the UK Golden Gods, and had this to say about it:

After hosting the Golden Gods awards in the US for the last three years in a row, I'm totally stoked to host the Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards and to bring my ridiculous metal knowledge and even more ridiculous sense of humour to all of you nutters in the UK! I'm also excited to return to Europe with the WWE in April, where even though I play the nastiest of villains, it's always a blast to hear the "FOZZY" chants coming from our European family, as I'm getting booed out of the building by 10 yr olds!

Before Chris takes up his hosting duties in the evening Fozzy will be performing during the afternoon of the eleventh of June as part of the now traditional pre Golden Gods Metal Hammer riverboat cruise down the Thames where Metal Hammer and a select group of lucky attendees and contest winners can enjoy some quality metal floating down the Thames River on route to the main awards show. 

Fozzy will also be playing two club shows as warm up shows for their appearance at the tenth anniversary of the Download Festival. The Fozz will be hitting the stage in London alongside fellow Download performers Ugly Kid Joe on the 6th of June, and the night after they'll be in Wolverhampton with Download veterans and another set of fellow Download goers Soil. Full details are below:

6th June 2012 (UK) London - Underworld (with Ugly Kid Joe)
7th June 2012 (UK) Wolverhampton - Slade Rooms (with Soil)

Fozzy are currently preparing for the release of their first studio album through their new musical home Century Media Records. The album will be out sometime during Summer 2012.

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