Get Ready For Game Of Thrones Season Four With Our GOT Inspired Metal Playlist

There's an awful lot of people out there (ourselves included) who both love metal and have been counting the days down until the new season of Game Of Thrones starts. To help fill some of the time as we count down the final hours, Scribes Of Metal has put together a Game Of Thrones inspired playlist; full of references both bloody obvious and some a little more subtle, enjoy our selection of Game Of Thrones related rock and metal tunes.

Metallica - Of Wolf & Man
Let's face it, wolves have played a pretty big part throughout the three seasons of Game Of Thrones so far. With the likes of Ghost (Jon Snow's wolf) and Summer (Brann Stark's wolf) still alive and kicking and with important roles to play, Metallica's Black Album classic was an easy choice for this playlist.
Megadeth - Kill The King
If you're not the king in Game Of Thrones, chances are you're either a dead king or you want to kill at least one of claimants to the various thrones (and let's face it, we ALL want to kill that little s**t Joffrey), so this offering from Megadeth's Hidden Treasures album is a must include song. 
Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall
It might be made of ice rather than bricks, but this one is a bit of a no-brainer to anyone with a passing knowledge of Game Of Thrones surely?
Avenged Sevenfold - Welcome To The Family
Ah, Westeros, land of the marriage of alliances and convenience, and every once in awhile for love. Think Sansa Stark is happy with her lot in life being a Lannister? Similarly, though it might have worked out alright for her in the end, what with the dragons and all, Daenerys wasn't overly thrilled initially being married off to become the Khaleesi of the Dothraki. Avenged Sevenfold's cracking song from the Nightmare album fits this perfectly. 
Gojira - Where Dragons Dwell
Another no-brainer, Game Of Thrones has dragons, Gojira are brilliant and wrote a song about dragons... 2 plus 2 sometimes does equal 4!
Alter Bridge - Ties That Bind
Possibly the most appropriate of any song on this playlist - the ties that bind is an enormous recurring theme throughout Game Of Thrones; Avenging dead family members or lost loves, coming to the aid of members of one's family (even if you don't particularly like your family in the case of half of the Lannisters) or wanting to reclaim what you feel is your birthright (Daenerys) - the ties that bind are all over Game Of Thrones from start to finish so one of Alter Bridge's most well known songs goes straight in.
You Me At Six - Too Young To Feel This Old
The title of this YMAS song means by default we have declared it Arya Stark's theme tune. Poor little 'Ari has been through an awful lot so far in three seasons of Game Of Thrones, and something tells us there are many more twists and turns to come involving one of our favourite Game Of Thrones characters.
Huntress - I Want To F*** You To Death
Whilst not quite literally - pretty much everyone in Game Of Thrones who's old enough to have hit puberty engages in their fair share of bonking throughout the existing seasons of Game Of Thrones (not to mention the first few books). Huntress's most memorably titled song is also a tribute to everyone's favourite imp Tyrion, who may be small in stature but is the undoubted King Of The Sheets of Westeros and we're sure he'd rather than than the Iron Throne. 
Velvet Revolver - Fall To Pieces
Throughout Game Of Thrones, characters have a habit of losing things. Whether it's the season one shocker of Lord Eddard Stark having his head taken from his shoulders, The super confident Jaime Lannister losing his hand or the traitorous Theon Greyjoy losing "his favourite toy", the people of Westeros just don't seem to be able to keep hold of the important things they're born with, so we thought we'd include Velvet Revolver's hit as a tribute to those who just can't keep it together.
Poison - Until You Suffer Some (Fire & Ice)
Another one in the obvious category, the first Game Of Thrones book is "A song of fire & ice", so why not include the song that has almost exactly the same title by American glam metal favourites Poison.
While She Sleeps - Death Toll
The body count for the first three season of Game of Thrones is mightily impressive, and we all know it's only going to get worse as Season Four progresses. It's inevitable the death toll will ring for many more characters both loved and hated this season so While She Sleeps most recent thunderous single can help provide a fitting soundtrack.
Shinedown - Bully
Game Of Thrones has some right bastards for characters, none more so than the (supposed) King of The Seven Kingdoms and ruler of the Iron Throne of Westeros Joffrey Baratheon / Lannister. He's got close competition from his Grandfather Tywin Lannister, who delights in nothing more than making Tyrion's life an absolute misery. Both of them are bullies in one sense or another (or several), so Shinedown's most popular hit of recent times seems another fitting addition.
Dragonforce - Through The Fire & The Flames
Another song with many meanings - Through The Fire & The Flames could apply to the Battle of Blackwater Bay, melisandre and her spells and dealings with and on behalf of The Lord Of Light, the sacking of Winterfell by Theon and his merry men and many other things - plus it's a good excuse to hear arguably the most famous power metal song of all time (at least in the mainstream).
Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower
It's a metaphorical watchtower... the watchers on the walls, the battlements that overlook the Blackwater, the battlements that can't be breached - unless you are the shadow assassin straight from the womb of a red priestess....
There is a subtext that spans all conflicts within the GoT saga, that you'd better have a good lookout as you never know round which corner the next threat is coming from.  Of course, it doesn't have to be metaphorical at all and could literally just refer to the people atop the castle walls.
So there we have it. Hopefully our GOT themed playlist has provided some enjoyment and killed some time for you - now all that remains is to kick back and wait for Season Four of Game Of Thrones to begin. Heads will roll, battles will be fought, dragons will flap their wings and loads of other cool stuff will happen. We can't wait.
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