God Seed Album 'I Begin' Release Date Announced

For Black Metal fans that have been around a few years, this is big news. God Seed, the band that nearly was, have released launch dates and tracklisting of what is technically their debut album 'I Begin'.

'I Begin' has a release date everywhere except North America of the 30th October (NA get it earlier...boo!), and will be available as a Limited Embossed DeLuxe Digipack with Bonus Tracks, and as regular CD. There is also mention of it being released on Vinyl through Black on Black. You can preorder is now at God Seed: I Begin

The tracklisting for 'I Begin' is as follows:

1. Awake
2. This From The Past
3. Alt Liv
4. From The Running Of Blood
5. Hinstu Dagar
6. Diversions 1 (Bonus Track Limited Edition)
7. Aldrande Tre
8. Lit
9. The Wound
10. Bloodline
11. Diversions 2 (Bonus Track Limited Edition)

If you're not familiar with God Seed, don't worry, they have their roots firmly based in a band called Gorgoroth that had a pretty ugly split up and subsequent legal battle over the rights to use the name.  Gorgoroth's founding member, Infernus, was forcefully removed from the band the legal battle crowned him rightful heir to the name. Remaining members Gaahl (vocals) & King Ov Hell (bass) renamed the remnants as God Seed, unfortunatly for loyal Gorgoroth fans God Seed never picked up enough momentum internally to continue. All this happened circa 2009, and one of the bands final appearances was at the Waken Festival in 2008, this performance has also been released this year. You can buy it through this link God Seed: Live at Waken 2008

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