Heartless Make Plans To Decimate The UK & Europe In October 2012

Hardcore music isn't for everyone by all means. Even certain lovers of most other types of metal will balk at some hardcore based bands. But for those who enjoy it, the bands who can deliver in the hardest and fastest way possible are often the most popular, whioh is why the news that American purveyors of hardcore Heartless have decided to bring their brand of metal to the shores of the UK and Europe will be news very well received by a lot of people.

Heartless are headed to Europe in support of their album "Hell Is Other People", which was released through Southern Lord records back in 2011. The fact the album contains thirteen tracks which pulverise your ears in a roughly twenty minute period tells you everything you might need to know about the brutal sonic experience that awaits you on this forthcoming tour. The tour runs for approximately six weeks, beginning and ending in Germany, travelling all over Western Europe with a substantial stay in the UK during the first half of the tour. The full list of shows on the tour follows:

Heartless UK / European Tour 2012 Tour Dates:


2nd - GERMANY Hannover – Indigo Glocksee - Unhappy Krautday Festival
3rd - GERMANY Neubrandenburg - AJZ
4th - GERMANY Schwerin - PKK
5th - GERMANY Berlin - Köpi
6th - GERMANY Weimar - Gerber 3
7th - CZECH Prague - TBA
9th - GERMANY Hamburg - Rote Flora
10th - GERMANY Münster - Baracke
11th - BELGIUM Antwerpen - Lintfabriek 82
12th - NETHERLANDS Nijmengen - Onderbroek
13th - NETHERLANDS Eindhoven – Bloodshed Fest #13 w/ DROPDEAD [USA], PLANKS [DE], WOLFBRIGADE [SE], GRIDE [CZ]...
14th - BELGIUM Kortrijk - The Pits
15th - UK Ashford - Downtown Diner
16th - UK Norwich - Olives Cafe
17th - Glasgow - The Captain´s Rest w/ NO  ISLAND [SCO] + PRELUDE TO THE HUNT [SCO]
18th - IRELAND Belfast - Auntie Annies
19th - IRELAND Galway - venue TBA w/ DRAINLAND [IRE]
20th/- IRELAND Dublin - The Pint w/ DRAINLAND [IRE]
21st - UK Leeds - wharf chambers (members only! get your  membership here: www.wharfchambers.org)
22nd - UK Bristol - The Croft
23rd - UK London - Black Heart
24th - FRANCE Rouen - Emporium Galorium
25th - FRANCE Paris - TBA
26th - FRANCE Besancon - venue TBA w/ GERANIUM [FR] +  POST WAR DEPRESSION [DE]
27th - SWITZERLAND Basel - Hirscheneck w/ UMOR [CRO] + AGENT OF KAOS [CH]
28th - ITALY Bologna - venue TBA
29th - ITALY Milano - Lofi
30th - AUSTRIA Graz - Sub
31st - AUSTRIA Wien - Venster 99


2nd - CZECH Brno - Vegalite Cafe
3rd - POLAND Krakow - TBA
4th - POLAND Zdunska Wola - Variete
5th - POLAND Wroclaw - Strefa Zero
7th - GERMANY Leipzig - Atari w/ I NOT DANCE [AT]
9th - GERMANY Aachen - AZ
10th - GERMANY Giessen - AK44 w/ PLANKS [DE]

For tickets to the UK shows please contact the venues directly. Tickets for some shows may also be available online at the usual locations and also on the venues websites where applicable. For the European shows please contact venues directly or visit Ticket websites for the appropriate country. If there are any further news updates from the Heartless camp on this tour we will aim to bring them to you. Heartless's most recent album "Hell Is Other People" is available now on Southern Lord Records.

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