Heaven's Basement Album "Filthy Empire" Set For 4th February Release

UK rising legends, Heaven's Basement have announced their first full length studio album will be released on 4th February 2013 through Red Bull Records. The album sports 12 tracks including the previous single "Fire, Fire" and the recently released "Nothing Left To Lose" (more on that in a second...), recorded in LA with Neil Feldmann (Black Veil Brides) giving his unique producer expertise to the mix.

You can preorder the album right now over at http://heavensbasement.sandbaghq.com - you'll even get a freebie!

The full track list for the album is:

1.   Welcome Home
2.   Fire, Fire
3.   Nothing Left to Lose
4.   When The Lights Go Out In London
5.   I Am Electric
6.   The Long Goodbye
7.   Heartbreaking Son of a Bitch
8.   Be Somebody
9.   Can’t Let Go
10. The Price We Pay
11. Jump Back
12. Executioner's Day

If the remaining 10 tracks are as good as the first 2 we've heard, then the Heaven's Basement lads will be a giant leap closer to the legendary status they deserve!

Out now, their latest single "Nothing Left To Lose" is a classic, yet not old, sounding masterpiece that is a great preview to what the band can do. Capturing the spirit of Rock n Roll in a way that has sadly been destroyed by the cynical commercial nature of the mainstream music industry, we wish there were more success stories of the real rockers walking the planet today.

Enough talk, check out the latest single in all it's glory and make sure you preorder the album to let the band know just how excited we all are for some real rock again!

Heaven's Basement - Nothing Left To Lose (Official)

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