In Hearts Wake Release 'Earth Invaders' Arcade Style Game

It's not every day that a band decides to release an arcade game (!) to promote the release of an album but that's just what In Hearts Wake has done in the wake of upcoming sophomore album 'Earthwalker'. 

Environmentalism and conservation are two issues valued by In Hearts Wake and in addition to joining forces with Carbon Neutral to plant a tree for every pre-order of the album, the band have created the Earth Invaders game. Fans choose a squirrel version of the bands members and throw acorns at Tony Abbott's bulldozers trying to demolish the Earthwalker forest.  If you make it to 80,000 points you will unlock a previously unreleased track from the album! The person with the highest score will win a rare vinyl test press copy of 'Earthwalker' and a merch pack. The Scribes team made it to 75,000! So far ;-) Have a go yourself -

'Earthwalker' was recorded in late 2013 with Josh Schroeder in Michigan at the Random Awesome Studios and displays a unique song writing approach with each song providing its own story and motive. Ahead of the album's release on the 5th May 2014 the band has released an official music video for the anthemic 'Divine' and a lyric video for 'Sacred.  Check out the videos and tracklisting below. 

Earthwalker tracklist:

1. Gaia 
2. Earthwalker (feat. Joel Birch)
3. Divine 
4. Sacred 
5. Gravity 
6. Healer 
7. Rebirth 
8. Afterglow 
9. Truenorth 
10. Wildflower 
11. Mother 

In Hearts Wake - Sacred (Lyric Video)

In Hearts Wake - Divine [Official Music Video]

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