Iron Maiden Add Second O2 Show After Selling Out In Twelve Minutes

"Twelve minutes to sellout" - sounds familiar for some reason!

The mighty UK giants Iron Maiden have just added a second "last" show to the UK leg of their tour, which we wrote about recently. The new last date is the 4th August, and carries the same "paperless ticketing" that is being used for the other show, so make sure you will have the appropriate ID to get in!

Bruce Dickinson said about the extra show:

We’ve all been having such a fantastic time on this tour. From the very first show in North America last year to the European dates we are doing now, it’s just been tremendous fun. Our fans have been brilliant as usual, and seem to be loving the set-list and the stage production! So we thought that because this tour has been such an amazing experience for band and fans alike, it somehow seems right to finish up back home in England and have the final show celebration on home-turf. And now instead of one night’s celebration back home we get to have two!!”

Tickets for this second show are available to buy NOW from, &

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