Iron Maiden (Official) & Rammstein (Unofficial) to headline Download Destival 2013

So, seemingly earlier than ever plans for the next installment of Donington's annual rock and metal gathering, Download 2013 have been made public. First of all, the Download Facebook page said a headliner announcement was due at 6pm yesterday (Thursday 20th of September). 

Then, barely an hour after this, the events section of the official Rammstein Facebook page was updated with some festival appearances for the Summer of 2013. Conspicuous amongst this list was the date of the 16th Of June 2013, with an entry marked "Download Festival". In the time honoured tradition of bands messing up official announcements (which happened several times in the past, especially last year) it had seemingly happened again. 
Well, that is probably still the case, but it wasn't yesterday's official announcement that was blown. Yesterday's official Download announcement saw British legends Iron Maiden installed as the first officially confirmed headliner for the Download Festival 2013. What's more, they will be bringing their enormously popular "Maiden England" show to Donington, a show that has sold out arenas all across America throughout 2012. 
The next official announcement is scheduled for 10am today (probably as a result of Rammstein letting the cat out of the bag in the manner they did). We will have the official update for you later on this morning so keep checking back for an official confirmation (or denial) of Rammstein appearing at Download 2013. 
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