Iron Maiden To Finish Off "Maiden England" European Tour In London

Announcing a massive homecoming tour ending show from the stage of Download is not something any ordinary band could do but that's what Iron Maiden did on the Saturday night of Donington's annual gathering when they announced that they would be finishing up the European Leg of the Maiden England tour at The O2 in London on August 3rd.

The walking air raid siren Bruce Dickinson had this to say about the show:

“We’ve all been having such a fantastic time on this tour. From the very first show in North America last year to the European dates we’ve done so far, it’s just been tremendous fun. Our fans have been brilliant as usual, and seem to be loving the set-list and the stage production! So we thought that because this tour has been such an amazing experience for band and fans alike, it somehow seems right to finish up back home in England and have the final show celebration on home-turf. The 02 is a great venue to play with a really fantastic vibe, so we’re really looking forward to this show being one almighty party!”

There will be no physical tickets for the show as the band have decided to go for a paperless solution to try and eleminate the Tout and secondary ticketing agencies that are causing many fans to have to pay sky high prices for tickets.

To quote from the press release

" Ticketless (Paperless) Ticketing means fans will not receive a physical concert ticket for their entry into the event. Buying paperless helps ensure fans have secure and convenient access to event tickets at the intended original sale price. On the day of show, concert goers just need to bring the credit card they used for the ticket purchase and a government-issued photo ID to the concert. All members of the ticket purchaser's party must be present at the same time to enter the venue. The venue’s ticket usher will swipe their credit card upon entry and present each person in their party with seat locator slips for quick access into the show. "

Maiden's manager Rod Smallwood also had this to say about the ticketing situation:

"...We used Ticketless (Paperless) Ticketing on our North American Tours in 2010 and 2012 and it worked extremely well and we received many positive comments back from our fans. With Ticketless (Paperless) Ticketing, only those who actually pay initially for the tickets will get into the show so scalping is generally avoided. We are also doing everything we can to avoid any drain of tickets going to the Secondary Ticketing sites which we feel make unfair profits from music fans and often lessen the number of tickets available to real fans...

Finally, we are of course once again arranging exclusive ticket pre-sales for our fan club members so they can be quick off the mark for great tickets. We will also continue to run the draw for fan club members so they can be ‘First To The Barrier’ prior to the show. We hope that these measures will help our fans as much as possible and ask that they keep checking for details on our website.”

Tickets will go on general sale Friday June 28th from, &

There will be an Iron Maiden FanClub presale – Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th June. Details on

Fan Club members will also be eligible in the draw to be First To The Barrier.

Let us know what you think to the idea of Ticketless Gigs in the comments below.



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