Jesse Leach Rejoins Killswitch Engage

If a picture really can speak louder than a thousand words, then the picture to send the Metal press rocking on a Monday evening would be the one featured on the front page of Killswitch Engage's website.  No explanation, no big flashing announcement - just an image of 5 guys who could be a band.

For those not aware of the history of the band, Leach was the original frontman for Killswitch, stepping down from the role after a couple of years showing classic signs of burnout (vocal issues, depression etc). Howard Jones stepped into the void, making his debut at Hellfest in 2002 - fast forward a few albums, a heavy touring schedule & even a song on Guitar Hero then we're nearly at present day.

August 2011 brought news that the band had been writing a new album - hoping to get in the studio in the early part of 2012, but for Jones this was not to be. After the remaining members of Killswitch released a statement saying that "they would carry on without Jones", but not giving a reason, just that it was a personal matter.  Jones himself provided the explanation for his departure a couple of days later, that being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and 'personal issues', had affected his role within the band.

And now we arrive at todays pictoral announcement - quashing rumours of various others stepping into the gap. While this is 100% exciting news it is not completely unexpected, looking back over the last couple of years there have been projects between Leach and other Killswitch members - most recently Time of Grace.

From all of us here at Scribes of Metal - Welcome Back Jesse!

And to round off, here's a video of both Jones and Leach on stage...


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