A Joker's Rage Release Free Song Temptress Ahead Of Black Sheep E.P Release

Another chance for us to give a shout out to some promising UK home grown rock talent here at Scribes. Yorkshire rock quintet A Joker's Rage are today (November 21st 2014) celebrating the release of their new E.P Black Sheep. To help celebrate the Black Sheep release, and to get their music out there to the rock and metal masses across the UK and beyond, A Joker's Rage are streaming one of the tracks from Black Sheep, titled Temptress on Soundcloud. We've helpfully embedded it just below this paragraph, so check it out for yourselves!

A Joker's Rage vocalist Zakky Boy Taylor explains just what their Black Sheep E.P is all about:
“A lot of the lyrical content on the EP, deals with our collective distaste for people that look down on others. We have fans that are into indie, punk, electro and rock music. We've seen kids and much older people dancing to our music. This EP is about our band uniting with its audience.”
A band who pride themselves on their live shows and the entertainment factor, A Joker's Rage are a band who will use make up and other fun things in their live shows (think KISS more than 2011 era Black Veil Brides). But for A Joker's Rage it's all about separating the on-stage life from the off-stage: 
“The whole point of the 'gameface' make-up, as we call it is so that we can be who we want to be on stage, and then leave that behind when we are done,” says Zakky. “When we've got the 'gameface' on, we're dangerous, but when it's off, we'll take your granny for a cup of tea! We want to create something that's just as exciting visually as it is aurally. Everybody needs to step out of their own skin every now and again, and not be afraid of who they really want to be.”
If you enjoyed Temptress you can download it, FOR FREE, from the following location:
For more about A Joker's Rage, including for those who want to purchase their Black Sheep E.P, please visit http://www.ajokersrage.com/ or their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ajokersrage.


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