Linkin Park, Burn It Down New Video

Versatile electronic rockers Linkin Park have just released the video for the new single "Burn It Down". The track is from their new album called "Living Things" which is being released on June 26th 2012, this is their 5th studio release and see's no break from their usual form of not cornering themselves to one specific genre.


"Living Things" is available for pre-order right now & fans that pre-order at The Linkin Park Website gain access to following:

  • Instant mp3 download of "BURN IT DOWN"
  • Digital download of the full album, delivered on 6.25.12.
  • Early access to tickets for the upcoming tour in UK.
  • Subscription to LIVING THINGS REMIXED. You will receive one new remix per month for the next 8 months.

The band have also released the first of a series of videos about the process of making the video for Burn It Down, if you want to see how they craft the rock star poses check it out!

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