London Punks Pints Release New Music Video For Holstenz & Schedule Gigs

Any fans of punk, and we're talking punk in it's truest sense - Sex Pistols style, not any kind of pop punk or any other variant using the word "punk" in the title, may find a band that's just come to our attention very interesting. 
Meet Pints. That's right, Pints. They're a five piece punk band from London who want to have a good time, play music and have a few beers - sounds pretty good to most of us doesn't it?! Pints have recently released a video for their song "Holstenz" - which you can check out at the bottom of this page.  Pints debut album DRINKING. SMOKING. GAMBLING is also available to Download FOR FREE from the group's Bandcamp page, for which a link is right here:
Pints on Bandcamp
Want to know a bit about how the band view things? Over to their frontman Bog:
We don't have no message. We ain't the f*cking pope. As for passion and driving force? We're just five mates who shouldn't be allowed near instruments who enjoy playing punk music and getting plastered. That's all punk rock should be, hanging with your mates and playing music because it’s fun. I can't stand all this ego sh*t and the ‘got to start a band and be super serious with our promo shots’ attitude; deep vague interviews and sh*t. We will go out of our way to not act like a proper band, because we still don't really think we are one.”
Pints currently have three shows lined up, but as the band themselves will tell you, they want more shows! Current gig info is below:
The - Black Heart Camden Town, London - 17/07/14
Essex Fest - 01/08/14
Sticky Mike's Frog Bar - Brighton - 14/09/14
For more info about Pints, follow them on Facebook at


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