Malefice Release Awesome New Single "Omega" For Charity

Here at the Scribes Castle we like to support British metal as much as we can. When it's British metal trying to do some good for charity, there's no way in hell we wouldn't bring it to your attention. One of the finest UK metal bands of recent times (and another band to come from one of the UK's seeming metal hotbeds of Reading), Malefice have teamed up with Premier League football goalkeeper Marcus Hannemann (yes we did just say that) to release a brand new song called "Omega". You can hear Omega in all it's metal glory below:

If that isn't awesome in it's own right, the profits from Omega will be donated to the Booby Moore Fund for Cancer Research. In our book there's no excuse for not spending a few pennies (less than one third of the cost of a pint or even less if you live in the south of the UK or London) and going to legally download the track. The link to buy Omega and support the fight against cancer is below:

Malefice join Bolt Thrower in recent months as metal bands doing their bit in the fight against cancer, something I think all fans of music (not just metal) can be very proud of. If there's any more charity based metal news in the weeks and months to come you can be sure to find it here. 

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