Mastodon High Road Video and Behind The Scenes Footage

One of 2014's most eagerly anticipated releases comes in the form of the sixth Mastodon studio album "Once More Round The Sun", which is set to land on this planet on June 24th.  

The band have released a "all action" video for the new single "High Road", which features Mastodon fans, who also like to LARP (live action role play, think dressing up and beating people with fake weapons) - doing what they do.. LARP. It's quite a simple concept for a video, take the underdog, give him a kicking and then let him go all Rocky Balboa. I'm sure there's a much deeper subtext to the storyline, however I'm content with keeping it simple.

I suggest you check out the video right now:

And if that wasn't enough latex clad, nipple bearing, sweetness - check out this short behind the scenes footage which features, yet more exposed nipples, more latex and even some LARPtastic blood-curdling battle cries!

The Mastadon news doesn't stop there either! Along with some other big names in the industry (Mel C / 50 Cent), Mastodons new album will be available to buy using the digital currency Bitcoin. Whilst not seeming to be a big deal initially, this is wider acceptance of the digital currency as a valid payment method by a huge brand, Warner Bros. Music and you should expect to see more of the same in the near future.

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