Megadeth Confirmed as Sunday Headliners for 2014 Bloodstock

There are few megabands roaming the planet these days, but Megadeth are one of the most mega of megas. Love, like or hate them you can't deny their influence on the world has been pretty damn large. So, while being a bit of a suprise, they have rightfully earnt their crown as festival headliners.. and the latest news from Megacamp is that they are going to be the Sunday headliners at Bloodstock 2014. 

Through an early morning tweet, Bloodstock announced the news, quickly followed by a coordinated tweet by the Megadeth account.. truly a Symphony of Tweetstruction.

Megadeth to Headline Bloodstock 2014

Bloodstock 2014 is shaping up to be a festival of epic proportions, with some of the big names across different flavours being added to the line-up. Watch this space for more Bloodstock news as it's revealed.

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