Monster Truck Killer New Track And Joins Mascot Family

Long gone are the days when Alanis Morissette was Canada's best musical export and it's 'ironic' that one of the best acts to hail from North of America has a distinctly 'Southern' vibe.

Hard Rock powerhouse Monster Truck have a brand new song to share with the world alongside the announcement that they have signed with the ever growing family of heavy weights at Mascot Label Group. 



Without further pause or pun, check out the new track from Monster Truck, 'Don't Tell Me How To Live': We're sure it's not a nod to Alanis, but the 'fingers in pockets' on the tracks artwork, is vaguely remeniscent of something...

The track is taken from the new Monster Truck album which is due to release early in 2016, the bands first full length release under the new deal with Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group.  Their previous offering, Furiosity (read our review of that here), was not only critically acclaimed pretty much everywhere but was the platform that saw them pick up awards, nominations and 2 number one singles on Canadian Rock Radio. 

Throughout the last few years Monster Truck have toured with just about everyone of worth, from ZZ Top to Alice in Chains, Deep Purple to Alterbridge, along with a plethora of festival slots.  If the new track is typical of the next album, it's going to be another beast of an experience. While their sound can be compared to their (now) label mates Black Stone Cherry, they have a grittier edge that marks them as a force to be reckoned with. 

We won't "tell them how to live", but we will say, Monster Truck... 'Live Long & Live Loud'.

Monster Truck Single Teaser Image


editors note: Scribes Of Metal apologises for the earlier puns, the writer had forgotten to take his pills (yep, the Jagged Little ones....)

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