Members of Bullet For My Valentine, Cancer Bats, Glamour Of The Kill, Rise To Remain Form New Supergroup "AxeWound"

It's not often nowadays we get such a high profile announcement of a metal supergroup so we thought our readers should hear this bit of metal news! Dan Carter, presenter of BBC Radio One's Rock Show in the UK has just made the announcement of Bullet For My Valentine guitarist and singer Matt Tuck's brand new band who are called AxeWound (and can be found on Twitter at @AxeWoundUK). The band comprises Matt Tuck (on guitar duty only seemingly to begin with), Cancer Bats vocalist Liam Cormier, Ex Rise To Remain bassist Joe Copcutt, Glamour Of The Kill axeman Mike Kingswood and drummer Jason Bowld (who drums for Bill Bailey and Killing Joke amongst others). 

AxeWound have released their debut song "Post Apocalyptic Party" as a free download. To get your hands on the song you have to sign up to the band's mailing list, see their Twitter account for more details. 

Also according to Mr Dan Carter on BBC Radio One, AxeWound will also be appearing at this years' Download Festival! This is yet to be confirmed by Download festival booker Andy Copping or on the official Download website so keep your eyes peeled for further news on this exclusive announcement!

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