Of Mice and Men Reissue "The Flood" with Fresh Tracks

Californian metalcore powerhouse Of Mice & Men reissued their 2011 breakthrough album "The Flood" through Rise Records on the 24th July 2012. 

Aptly called "The Flood Deluxe Reissue", it features 4 new tracks produced by Cameron Webb (the guy behind the Motorhead sound), and boasts new artwork to commemorate the release.


The full tracklisting for the reissue is:

Disc 1

1. The Calm
2. The Storm
3. The Flood
4. The Depths

Disc 2

1. OG. Loko
2. Ben Threw
3. Let Live
4. Still YDG'n
5. My Understandings
6. Ohioisonfire
7. Purified
8. Product Of A Murderer
9. Repeating Apologies
10. The Great Hendowski
11. I'm A Monster

In case you haven't heard much of the band, here's a taster in the form of one of the new tracks - The Depths:


If 'Of Mice & Men' are your thing, make sure you get tickets for their UK tour:

Wed 10 Oct     -   Electric Ballroom, LONDON (www.kililive.com)
Thurs 11 Oct  -   Garage, GLASGOW (www.triplegmusic.com)
Fri 12 Oct       -   Moho Live, MANCHESTER (www.ticketline.co.uk)
Sat 13 Oct      -   Asylum, BIRMINGHAM (www.theasylumvenue.co.uk)
Sun 14 Oct     -   Cockpit, LEEDS (www.lunatickets.co.uk)


Everything Else: 

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