People On Vacation Release New Music Video For Don't Ask The Question Single

It feels like only a couple of weeks ago since the UK was enjoying the company of People On Vacation on their excellent tour, but it was in fact four months ago! Many people including the team here at Scribes have been missing Ryan Hamilton and Jaret Reddick, so we are very pleased to receive the news about the latest music video to surface from the Texan duo.
The video we speak of is for People On Vacation's new single Don't Ask The Question, which will be the band's second single from their album released at the start of 2015 The Chronicles Of Tim Powers. Ryan Hamilton stars as the main man in this video, generally trying to make himself useful to various folks he comes across - including band mate Jaret and his own wife Holly. Ryan's four legged friend also makes a guest appearance.  
The release of Don't Ask The Question comes as both members of People On Vacation are gearing up for other things. Bowling For Soup have just completed a run of US shows (and have their very well publicised UK return scheduled for early 2016), while Ryan Hamilton has a solo album coming out at the end of August to be followed by his first UK solo tour as he takes on a run of house party shows. We generally enjoy everything that comes out of that musical "family" - so the more the merrier! 
You can follow People On Vacation on social media - @PeopleOnVaca for Twitter and - but make sure you watch the video first!


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