Red Bull Studios Want You To Play Download 2013

If you are in an unsigned band and aged between 16-25 the chance of a lifetime has presented itself for you to play on the hallowed turf of the Home Of Heavy Metal Doninngton.

Red Bull Studios are giving you the chance to take to the stage where so many of Rock and Heavy Metals illuminati have trodden before.

Red Bull Studios have set up a Battle of the Bands competion that could see you onstage at this years Doninngton Download Festival.

The competion is broken down into three sections.

First you upload a video and hype the hell out of your band and video.

Second, if you get through you get judged by an industry leading panel. The Panel is comprised of Kerrang Radio presenter Katie P, Rock Sound magazine editor Ben Patashnik, Red Bull Records label manager Angie Somerside and Download vets Don Broco.

Third you get to spend time in Red Bull Studios London studio and get treated like the rock stars you are!

So, what do you need to do?

Between April 8th and April 26th you should upload a Profile to Once your profile is uploaded it will be monitored and ranked based on the amount of hype you are getting across the web. So that means get your rabid following Tweeting Facebooking YouTubing, basically if it's online DO IT AND GET NOTICED.

Most importantly, get your following to VOTE on your profile at

At 5pm on April 26th voting will close and the Top 100 bands that have done the best job of getting themselves seen will go through to the next round.

Between May 6th and May 10th the judges will sort out the best 15 and invite them to the Red Bull Studios for that all important preperation for their big slot at Download.
Your band will get a chance to Record in a pro studio with expert producers, you'll get mentored by the Industry panel and get some top tips for shredding it live on the Download Stage from Don Broco. To make things even sweeter, you'll get your Press Shots taken and be given media training to handle the throngs of press that will want your time during your time at Download and.. the inevitable interest after the festival is over. Red Bull Studios promises more to be revealed during the once in a lifetime opportunity.

What are you waiting for? Get To It.

You can find Red Bull Studios on Twitter: @RBStudiosLondon
and on Instagram: @RedBullStudioLondon

For further info on the competition you can go to the Red Bull Studios FAQ

Scribbled by:

Nik works in music PR, he wanted to be famous but genetics determined a managerial route instead. He put his energy into working out how to design stuff, build web stuff and string a decent series of words together. He is a big fan of original and unique sounding bands, loving a good melody and anthem - although he has been known to listen to 90s glam rock in private.