Road To Horizon Announce New EP - Faultlines & New Lyric Video

Yorkshire post-hardcore quintet have announced their new EP called 'Faultlines', will be available this October.

Recorded with producer Lee Batiuk (While She Sleeps, Deaf Havana) the band are excited to get out on the road in support of the new material, and are hoping to follow on from the 2013 success that was their 'Chapters EP'. 2013 saw the band share some exciting line-ups with the likes of Funeral For A Friend and The Defiled.

The tracklisting for the forthcoming Faultlines is:

1. Faultlines
2. Tonight Is Our Night
3. Victimised
4. Sirens

Cover Artwork for Faultlines:

Road To Horizon Faultlines Cover Image

And to get an idea of how good the EP is going to be when released, check out the lyric video for the 4th track on Faultlines, Sirens:

We'll bring you all the latest news on the EP, tour and anything else Road to Horizon as soon as we get it! Remember to support UK bands by going to see them live and BUYING their music (yes buying!!!). WIthout our support, the world would be a much quieter place!

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