Roadrunner Records Suffers Massive Cutbacks at the Hands of Parent Company Warner Music Group

At the Scribes castle we thought we would wait to get a few of the facts before commenting on one of the huge stories that broke yesterday, but needless to say, there have some been some pieces of bad (and sad) news for rock & metal in 2012 and this is possibly the worst one yet. Yesterday afternoon the news broke via Twitter that Roadrunner Records UK offices were being shut down by Roadrunners' parent company Warner Music Group. This in itself is a terrible blow to music in the UK, as the UK Roadrunner team are regarded by an awful lot of people in the industry as the finest as what they do, and the Roadrunner bands (those that still have a record deal when the dust settles on this) will suffer from the lack of the skills of these people working on their behalf.

But it didn't stop there; As the afternoon turned into evening, it was discovered that Roadrunner Canada was also being completely shutdown, with the head of Roadrunner Canada posting on Twitter saying farewell to her job after seven years with the company. It has been reported that the German office and other offices around the world are suffering heavy staff cutbacks. Even the US team is being faced with heavy redundancies. 
To see Warner Music Group deliver what could well be the fatal blow to a label who have championed rock and metal for thirty years is absolutely devastating to everyone connected with our part of the music world. This has clearly been a cost cutting exercise, but one has to wonder if some short sighting small cost savings will end up costing WMG in the long run through the sales they will no longer make due to the lack of the skills of the people they have let go in the last twenty four hours. 
This has been a very bad few hours for music. Anyone wishing to follow the story as soon as there are any updates you'll be able to read them here.

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