Slayer To Close Bloodstock Open Air Festival 2013 As Final Headliners

In a huge coup for the festival, Bloodstock Open Air 2013 are thrilled to announce the headliners for the final night of the festival are none other than thrash legends and one quarter of the big four, the mighty Slayer! Tom Araya, Kerry King, Dave Lombardo and Jeff Hannenman will be making their Bloodstock debut on the Sunday night of the festival. Attendees to Bloodstock on the Sunday will be in for a real thrash flavoured treat as fellow big four members Anthrax are occupying the special guest slot on Sunday night, so seeing Anthrax and Slayer one after the other is something that's not happened since the Big Four tour of last year and is also not something one will see at a festival very often.

Slayer's resident axeman Kerry King is rather enthusiastic about the band's Bloodstock appearance, this is what he had to say:

Can't wait to hit the stage at Bloodstock! Metal Festival in England? Fuck yes!! It's going to be hell on earth and I'm looking forward to having a party with all my British friends.

Slayer join Lamb of God and King Diamond as the trio of headliners for Bloodstock Open Air 2013, which as always takes place at Catton Hall in Derbyshire. Also appearing will be Avantasia, Accept, Devildriver, Anthrax (as mentioned above), Fozzy, Firewind, Amorphis, Whitechapel, Dark Funeral and many more bands, most of whom are still to be confirmed. As mentioned on our previous post where Avantasia were announced, the early bird tickets for this year's Bloodstock will be taken off sale this coming Friday (14th December 2012), after which time ticket prices will rise from £100 to £125. Anyone who wants to buy one as a Christmas present, either for themselves or for someone else, be quick or you'll have to stump up an extra 25 quid!

As always more updates from Bloodstock will be available here as and when they are announced.

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