Sonisphere UK Announces Return For 2014 With Plans To Celebrate "40 Years Of Rock" At Knebworth

As if there hasn't been a tremendous amount of UK festival news in the last week or so, this might be the biggest piece of news yet. Earlier today on the Sonisphere Twitter account and official Sonisphere Facebook page posts were made telling us all to save the dates of the 4th of July - 6th of July as a celebration of forty years of rock music and festivals at Knebworth would be taking place.
Making a trip over to the official Sonisphere UK website at or (which currently redirects to the UK site) leads to visitors being greeted with an image of Knebworth House with the aforementioned dates and the caption "Celebrating 40 Years Of Festivals At Knebworth". 
What's even more telling is that the Sonisphere Twitter Account bio has now been updated to list 2014 Locations as "Knebworth". So I think we can definitely say that in one form or another Sonisphere Knebworth is back in business. Whether it will be as the rock and metal festival that became much loved by it's attendees in 2009, 2010 and 2011 remains to be seen. With it being the fortieth anniversary of Led Zeppellin's incredible performance on the Knebworth turf one would surmise the organisers have got some special things in store for the return of Sonisphere UK, whatever shape it may take!
As soon as we have any further news about this incredible development, Scribes Of Metal will let our readers know. In the mean time we'd advise everyone to keep their eyes open and fixed on the website for news on Bloodstock, Download and all the other "usual suspects" when it comes to festivals plus any interesting newcomers! 

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