Soulfly Release Bloodshed Lyric Video As Teaser for New Album

Soulfly, the band led by legendary frontman and guitarist Max Cavalera have released a lyric video for the song Bloodshed. Bloodshed is a track from their upcoming new album Savages that's due to be released on September 30th on the legendary metal label Nuclear Blast Records.

Bloodshed has guest vocals from Max's son Igor (Lody Kong), and it's already been aired on the bands most recent European tour. The video, which you can view below, has a photo journalistic/graphic novel approach to it that depicts various conflicts through the years. Max Cavalera had this to say on the track:
“The song is about the absurdity of the human condition in territories plagued by bloodshed all over the world. Not just recent events like Iraq, but also historical conflicts such as the U.S. Civil War, World Wars I and II, etc.”

The video was created by Tommy Antonini who is the guitarist for Italian Post Hardcore band Tasters.

Whilst the band were in the studio recording the album they put together a few Vlogs to chart the progress, you can check those out at the links below:
In The Studio - Part 1 -
In The Studio - Part 2 -

Other interesting facts about the upcoming album:

  • The artwork was created by Paul Stottler who is probably best known for the legendary Sacred Reich album cover Surf Nicaragua
  • The album is Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Terry Dale (Pantera and White Zombie)
  • And as well as Max Cavalera's son Igor other guest appearances includes Clutch's Neil Fallon Napalm Death's Mitch Harris and Jamie Hanks of I Declare War.

You can pre-order the album here

Check out the video below and let us know if you think this sets the bar for You Tube lyric videos that little bit higher (for the record.. we do)

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