Stone Sour Unleash Tracks From New Album

Stone Sour are set to release their new album "House of Gold and Bones (part one)" on October 23rd, with part two the following May.  With only a couple of months to go, the band have given the world a taster of the new album, in the form of the first two tracks.

Gone Sovereign & Absolute Zero (listen below), are blistering tracks with Corey Taylors distinctive vocals and some head crushing riffs. If the rest of the album follows the leading of these two songs then we will be seeing a slightly edgier angle to Stone Sour. The band have managed to retain some powerful melodies amongst the head crushing drive, this is definatly the band to see live if this new material is the way forward!

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Taylor is quoted as saying:

Each song tells a different part of the story, but it’s so unique unto itself. That was one of the things we really wanted to go for; we didn’t want to do a batch of tunes that all sound alike. We wanted to make sure each song had its own soul


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