The Acacia Strain Get Reinforcements With Two New Guitarists

A bit of metal news from across the pond on this Tuesday morning comes our way concerning Massachusetts metal band The Acacia Strain. They are very happy to announce that they have two new members, both guitarists, in the shape of Devin Shidaker and Richard Gomez. Both guitarists will become full time permanent members of the group.

Previous guitarist Daniel "DL" Laskiewicz announced on his Facebook page a few days prior to the band's official announcement that he was no longer a member of The Acacia Strain. The band have said in their official announcement that they wish Daniel the best in all of his future endeavors.
The band had the following to say about their new members:

As a band who tours, it is very unfair to have people who have stuck by us and tell them that they have no say or can't be an active participant. (Thank you for life Tony Diaz).
As a band, our perspective is for all of us to be involved and be a team, not only on the road but for every aspect of the band and all be a part of it. Richie and Devin bring experience and passion to the table and offer a forward thinking perspective to this band which has been wanted and needed for some time. We plan on getting started right away with the writing process to give you some new songs soon, and of course a new album. We are excited to start this new chapter of The Acacia Strain and look forward to seeing you all on tour!

The Acacia Strain have recently completed a short run of US shows with Lamb of God and Decapitated. If you're not familar with The Acacia Strain please check out their lyric video for the track Victims Of The Cave below;

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