The Defiled Announce The Band Is Disbanding

A band that Scribes Of Metal have always enjoyed and covered over the years, we are very sad to report that London shock metal group The Defiled have in the last half an hour announce they are to disband. The band cite financial difficulties as the primary reason, stating "the love of what we do is not enough to keep the black ship sailing". Their full statement can be found below:
It is with heavy, blackened hearts, that we inform you that the time has come to lay The Defiled to rest. There is no drama or fallouts, but we have been forced to face the reality that the love of what we do is not enough to keep our black ship sailing; the continuation of The Defiled has become logistically (financially) untenable.
Thank you - you, our fans, have given us a life experience that we could have never dreamed of. From a grotty flat in north London, you have enabled us to reach places we’d previously only read or heard about, allowed us to grace stages all over the world, cheered for us at some of the worlds most prestigious festivals and granted us the opportunity to perform alongside some of our heroes. And we are in the Guinness Book Of World Records - WTF??!!
Seeing you singing our words back to us, hearing your stories on how our music has affected you, watching you lose your shit to the heavy bits and seeing the spontaneous outpouring of love when some of you linked arms and made a "circle of love” at our last London show has moved us in ways that are impossible to articulate, but just know; we love you for it.
This means we are forced to cancel our scheduled shows with In This Moment in May as well as the headline shows planned. We hate to let you down a second time in just a few months, but unfortunately this is unavoidable.
We know this is not good enough, and all of us deserve a proper send off for The Defiled. We are currently working out how to record some final songs for you, and if we can do a farewell tour before our Final Sleep. Until then...
The Defiled
1888 - 2016
The Defiled were scheduled to support In This Moment on their UK tour in May (which had already been rescheduled from earlier this year) as well as performing a number of headline shows. These have now been cancelled as stated in the band's statement. If there is any more news about further music or final shows for The Defiled we will let our readers know.

The Defiled - Call to Arms (Official Music Video)

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