The Defiled Announced For London Date Of The Jagermeister Music Tour 2012

Coming off the back of a set of successful tours throughout late 2010 and 2011, including their first headlining tour just before Christmas 2011, Jagermeister have added one of London's fastest rising metal bands The Defiled to the lineup of the London date of the Jagermeister Music Tour 2012 at Brixton Academy. This announcement is just the latest feather in the cap of The Defiled who in addition to their impressive live exploits of 2011 also had their debut album Grave Times given away through Metal Hammer, opening themselves up to a massive new fanbase, many of whom have taken the band straight to their (black?) hearts.

In addition to The Defiled, The Jagermeister Music Tour 2012 features Black Spiders and Therapy? in addition to headliners Skindred on every show. The opening band at the other dates will be local support unique to each date. The show takes place on Friday April 13th 2012 and there are VERY limited tickets remaining for the show so if you want to see this great night of live music featuring four diverse bands for only £5 then you need to hurry up and get your tickets today.

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