TRC (The Revolution Continues) Release 10,000 Hours Music Video

UK hardcore metal crossover act TRC have this week continued to build on the monentum surrounding them with the release of their new album Nation as they unveil a brand new music video. The video for the song, entitled 10,000 hours can be seen at the bottom of this post. 10,000 hours comes from the band's new album Nation which is currently available to buy on CD, Vinyl and downloads, and has been released through the partnership between Century Media Records & Siege Of Amida Records
TRC frontman Chris Robson had this to say about the video for Nation:
"It was great to work with Daniel Broadley again, after the fantastic job he did on 'We Bring War'. The tune is about the rule of success being 10,000 hours of applied effort, and was inspired by Malcolm Gladwell's book, 'Outliers'. No matter what the distraction, we've kept pushing on with TRC. 10,000 hours equates to approx. 10 years, which is quite funny because TRC released our first demo 10 years ago. What's even funnier, was the fact we recorded the band performance scene in the studio where we recorded that very first demo. Everything came full circle. It's my favourite track off 'Nation'."
Anyone interested in picking up a copy of Nation may be interested that have a limited number of signed copies currently available. If you'd like one you can head over to their site directly on the link here -
TRC are currently on an extensive headline tour of the UK. The tour dates are available on the poster below:
You can also keep in touch with the band via their official Facebook page - Now, what are you waiting for, go check out the 10,000 Hours video below!

TRC - 10,000 Hours - Official Video

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