While She Sleeps Asking Fans To Help Get Them To America For US Tour

Due to circumstances totally beyond their control, namely the ****ing awful British weather, rising UK metal stars While She Sleeps have found themselves in a spot of bother. The band have missed their flights to America, the purpose of which was to allow them to join Parkway Drive on tour in the US, being the bands first major breakthrough in America and their biggest tour anywhere outside of the UK so far.

If they can't fulfill their obligations for the tour, While She Sleeps are looking at serious financial problems. The band obviously want to make the tour if they can, but are short of cash to purchase replacement flights to the US, so they are asking for help from the fans, and they're offering a very exclusive WSS souvenir in exchange for contributions. The full details can be found over at While She Sleeps' official website, so please read the link below:


Please help the guys out. As our regular readers know we're huge fans of While She Sleeps, and the band work too hard to have something like this stop them (plus they don't deserve to be hugely out of pocket), so please help. Thank you.

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