Young Guns Intimate Live Video from Bristol

One of the hottest bands of 2013, Young Guns took to the stage in Bristol on the 12th October at the intimate venue 'The Louisiana' as part of the Dr Martens #Standforsomething Tour.  We have a video of them performing 'Bones' below at the gig, which shows exactly why they've had such an impact for everyone that experiences them.

Gus Wood, singer for the band has this to say about their journey:

People can do whatever they want if they’re willing to put their head down and work for it. For me, at least, that’s very much what the band is about: it’s shown me the meaning of working hard and being passionate about something that you love. That’s really important!

Without further ado, check out the live track and remember to support UK bands buy buying the music and getting out to see them live.

There are still 2 dates with tickets available on the Dr Martens #Standforsomething tour, if you can get tickets you'll be in for a real up-close and personal treat!

9th November Nottingham, Spanky Van Dykes LOWER THAN ATLANTIS

16th November Glasgow, King Tuts DRY THE RIVER

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