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After spending the past couple of years ramping up the volume around the country 48Hours are here with their sophomore album. They've done headline tours, supported Kerrang! favourites Ashestoangels and almost 3 years ago they released their debut album, Recovery, but the time has now come for them to truly announce their arrival on the UK rock scene and Expectations is their opening statement.

Kicking off the album is Martyr, the first single to be officially released from Expectations, and at just over two and a half minutes it's a brief but all encompassing look at 48Hours. The floating vocals and the satisfying riffs fit together with ease to form a nigh on perfect combination that any rock lover will find hard to resist. This pattern is repeated time and time again throughout Expectations, though it is most evident during Given Up and Liars. Both of these tracks start well and continue to grow throughout the opening ten minutes.

No More follows this opening trio and is the catalyst for the strongest and heaviest spell 48Hours have put out to date. It's pacey, heavy and catchy as hell and No More leads into Best Mistake a treat and before long Price You Pay rounds out the riffy goodness. This trio is as good as anything I've heard this year and if they were played in this order live it would make for a truly great portion of the set. Following it is Gone, taking the pace down. It's a decent ballad and that just about says it all about the track really.

The re-recorded Forget pokes it's head up next and, whilst it's a welcome addition to the album, it feels like the vocals have had something taken away from them. They don't feel as deep and intense as before. Still, it's a solid track and you can always listen to the original instead. Violent Addiction is the penultimate track on the album and kicks on nicely towards the end. With the end coming in in the form of title track, Expectations. It's a decent, if fairly uneventful end to the album.

If you've been searching for an alternative British rock trio with some of the catchiest riffs to come out of 2016, you're in the right place with Expectations and 48Hours. Their album release tour starts at the end of March and you really should make time to head to a show.

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