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These Aussie’s know exactly what it means to be a rock ‘n’ roll band. There’s an attitude to rock ‘n’ roll that’s synonymous with the 70’s and 80’s, when the likes of Bon Scott, Axl Rose and Steven Tyler ruled the world of rock, living fast and even more so, dangerously. The boys in Airbourne, whilst not quite to the extent of the afore-mentioned, are living up to the rock ‘n’ roll legend, drinking, partying, breaking the rules and making hard rocking music seem as easy as breathing.

Airbourne came screaming onto the scene with their debut album, Runnin’ Wild, which was followed by the equally successful No Guts. No Glory, now for a third punt at out-doing AC/DC, Airbourne are back with Black Dog Barking, and by all accounts, it barks.

The opening seconds of Ready To Rock begin in true Airbourne fashion with enough ‘Woahoh’s to please any sing-a-long crowd before bursting into balls to the walls riffs and Joel O’keeffe belting out lyrics in the only way he knows how. The album spins into a whirlwind of two to four minute hard rock numbers frothing to the brim with screeching vocals, non-stop riffs and enough guitar solos to please any rock fan. 

I’m quite a firm believer of, if you’re not going to do something different, make sure what you do, is damn good. That expression could not be truer for Airbourne. What the boys from Down Under do, has been done similarly before, the most obvious comparison being to their native brothers AC/DC, but it’s done with such brilliant conviction. Colossally big tunes such as Animalize, No One Fits Me [Better Than You], Back In The Game, Live It Up and the title track Black Dog Barking, are all the types of songs Airbourne have made their name from, songs that make you either want to furiously air-guitar, chug pint of beer after pint of beer or get into a bar fight.

Airbourne are one of those that bands that simply don’t write bad songs.  To quote Sum 41, ‘All Killer, No Filler’, another brilliant album, 13 more great songs and a band that shows no signs of slowing down the rock ‘n’ roll train. 

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