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Now that Myles has finished his work with the rock ‘n’ roll icon, Slash and Mark Tremonti has completed his solo venture, Alter Bridge are back. Since the release of One Day Remains, Alter Bridge have gone from strength releasing Blackbird and the critically acclaimed AB III. Time and time again bands release an album that blows up and brings them huge success and then the following album, to put it nicely, is a bit of a stinker and doesn’t live up to its predecessor. This is where Alter Bridge have never tripped up and neither does their newest release, Fortress.

As its name may suggest, Cry of Achilles, has a Greek or Italian vibe in the acoustic intro that is similar to their previous album opener on AB III, in the sense the song builds with a slower beginning before reaching its climax. Experimentation isn’t a word you’d commonly associate with Alter Bridge and that remains so, continuing with the familiar hard-hitting, catchy rock music that they’ve carved their career out of. The new single, Addicted to Pain, amongst songs like Bleed it Dry and Peace is Broken are packed full of memorable melodies and huge, thumping riffs. For the first time, Mark Tremonti takes lead vocals on an Alter Bridge song on Waters Rising, whilst he does a good job and the song is good, it just feels like, why have Brian May sing when you’ve got Freddie Mercury? Now, what would an Alter Bridge album be without a ballad? It’s easy to guess from the title which song the ballad is going to be on this album, Lover, is a passionate and emotional journey, narrated by one of the best and most beautiful voices in music and serves as a perfect counter-weight to the heavier songs on the album. The title track, Fortress, is seven minutes long and appropriately but epically pulls down the curtain on what is another beautifully sublime piece of work from Alter Bridge.

Fortress is another brilliant instalment to the discography of Alter Bridge which furthers their wealth of recognisable tunes. This band are proving why they’re one of the biggest rock bands on the planet at the moment and with a sold out Wembley date on their tour with other dates nearly there as well, it’s hard to see Alter Bridge not headlining major festivals in the near future. 

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