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Architects are a band who have pandered upon the brink of big things on more than one occasion. The band first started making a noise for themselves with the release of their third album Hollow Crown, they were tipped for big things but stumbled with the follow up release, The Here and Now, which wasn’t so well received. Daybreaker was a leap back in the right direction, winning over many of the fans that were disappointed by the previous effort. Throw in a vocalist change, troubles with labels and exhaustion, then you’ve got a glimpse of the rocky road Architects have ridden. It’s a testament to the band’s character that they’re still here today, fighting for their music and continuing to prove they’ve got what it takes to produce great music.

Lost Forever/Lost Together is something special. It’s the coming together of their previous works, enhancing their sound established on Daybreaker, packing the punch of Hollow Crown with the perfect melodicism of The Here and Now, without compromising their crushing sound. It’s an album fuelled by passions about, religion, cancer and the loss of youth, which they make furiously clear through the brilliant vocals of Sam Carter, who shines throughout this whole album. Lead single, Naysayer, epitomises the afore mentioned blend of brutalisation and melody with blastbeats, wall shaking riffs and a sing-a-long friendly chorus. The hostile Broken Cross puts religion to the sword whilst Colony Collapse covers matters like Fukushima and Chernobyl. Not to forget, it’s quite possible that The Devil Is Near wins the award for best riff of the year, so far and this is all going on amongst an instrumental number and spoken words. Lost Forever/Lost Together is intensely feral in every department, boasting an array of technical ability from the band’s math-core days, there really is something for every fan of Architects on this album.

Over the past couple of years we’ve seen a surge of young, heavy British bands making waves over the world and proving heavy music has a place in the mainstream world. Last year it was Bring Me The Horizon who took metalcore into the charts and now Architects are following in their footsteps, which can only ever be a good thing for the music we love. Architects’ ride to date has been testing to put it lightly, persevering through the ups and downs, now they’ve established their own unique sound and produced a triumph of a record that’s going to take them to stages they’ve never seen before.


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