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Creeping in at the back end of 2015, Baroness have released Purple, the follow up to Yellow & Green which dropped a few years ago. The Georgia, USA based quartet have been quietly going about their business for over a decade now, perfecting their take on the art that is metal. That is apart from the time their tour bus ended up driving off a viaduct outside of Bath in 2012. Thankfully the injuries weren't too serious and the band could continue, though a new bassist and drummer have taken up residence in Baroness since.

So, fast forward a few years and we a new album is upon us. Purple seemed to arrive without much of a fuss in the UK for the most part. In a time where quantity is far outweighing quality, this is a massive loss for the UK market as Purple immediately feels like a step up in quality from their previous albums (which were good enough as it is). It contains 9 tracks of deep, intense metal that absorbs you into it's bubble. A bubble that is tranquil and serene as much as it is explosive and powerful. The transition from 5 minute powerhouse Kerosene into the interlude Fugue straight into Chlorine & Wine is a perfect example of this. Starting big, calming through the middle and then picking up with a sturdy drum show at the end.
Through the 42 minutes of Purple there isn't a second that you question what is happening. There isn't a time where you sit back and think that a track was wasted. Though, that is only if you listen to the album as it was an album. It isn't a collection of singles ready for you to pick through and take your favourites, it works best in the way that Baroness intended it. It is an album that needs your time and attention, but you will be richly rewarded with an incredibly under-appreciated master class. 

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