Bastard Of The Skies - Tarnation

Bastard Of The Skies are a band who hail from deepest, darkest Lancashire in the UK. Their brand of sludge metal is methodical, deliberate and punishing without feeling pedestrian. With their latest album Tarnation they will definitely appeal to fans of bands such as Old Man Gloom and Neurosis but also bands who mix in more of the ambient elements such as Cult Of Luna and ISIS. Tarnation's second track, brilliantly entitled "A Punch In The Fucking Lungs" is dark and foreboding with an impact that one might expect based on the song title while Locklear has an element of shoegaze about it, managing to be equally heavy and melodic (at least as far as sludge metal goes) at the same time.

The album's title track takes a slightly different approach and veers more into the instrumental and ambient world more in keeping with certain songs by ISIS and bands such as Mono and Red Sparowes, and it would be interesting to see if they develop more songs in this vein in the future. They further show their versatility on songs such as Bookatee Willalee, being an excellent example of a sludge metal song that pack a punch but that are shorter than the average, clocking in at under three minutes. Closing track Snapmare (named after the wrestling hold) is another song in this vein with a one minute twenty second assault on the audio senses. Tarnation has enough variety to it to show that Bastard Of The Skies are equally adept at both shorter and the longer, more drawn out type of songs more usually associated with this metal sub-genre. This album would be an excellent entry point for those wanting to investigate doom/sludge metal, and is highly likely to please already existing fans of the genre. Yet another British metal band that people should add to their watch lists.

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