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When we look back through the history of music, and we think about the bands that changed the landscape of things, that really put their heart and soul into their craft and along with it provided us with timeless classics and music that will live on forever, then we really have to look the UK and all of its contributions, bands like Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Who, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Queen, U2, and even more recently and even with their polarizing nature bands like Coldplay, Muse and even Mumford and Sons have done wonders for putting the UK on the map with their music.

But it seems that something those bands did, and the trail they blazed lives on in the crop of today's younger bands, bands like Funeral for a Friend, Kids in Glass Houses, Young Guns, Mallory Knox, Bring Me The Horizon, Architects and You Me At Six are all currently keeping up the British end and doing so in spectacular fashion.

Another band that is helping fight the cause is Blitz Kids, who have released their second album 'The Good Youth’ following on from their debut 'Vagrants and Vagabonds' and well as their 'Never Die' e.p. Is the Good Youth the album that will tip them over the edge from ones to watch to full blown contenders? I think the easy answer is yes, but there is more under the surface than one might first assume.

Blitz Kids have crafted an album full of anthems, that is the first thing that is evident when you listen to The Good Youth, it’s an album brimming full of guitars and massive hooks, but there is also an indie sensibility at play as well, with a hint of Brit pop nestled in there, which means that they share DNA with the aforementioned bands, but also manage to drag in elements found in Bloc Party, Maximo Park, and even bands like Suede as well.

So there is a lot bubbling away, but it works, because the songs work, there is not pretension at play here, these are good honest songs, songs that tell a story, that feel lived in, you can feel what is being said in them, these are songs from the heart that feel like they are being played with heart, which is a rarity in most modern music nowadays, there is no statement or agenda here, just a band playing their hearts out for the love of the music.

Blitz Kids by and large passed me by until 'The Good Youth' landed in my lap and now I feel a bit silly for having overlooked them for so long, because on the evidence of this album alone, there could be some very big things on the horizon for them in the future, it's interesting to note that Rock music has now become the most popular form of music in the UK, but with homegrown talents like this waving the flag, it hardly seems surprising.

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