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Every so often a band will come along and burst from obscurity with a killer song – or maybe an album – and become a buzzword thrown between fans. Bands like that usually fade away back to the underground and some may be lucky enough to press on up the ladder. However, some bands will tour their arse off and grind out a well deserved, die-hard fanbase over months of blood, sweat and beers. Which of these two would the ever-so-slightly cynical metalheads amongst you respect more? Exactly.

Bloodshot Dawn have popped up on almost every death metal bill in recent memory and have played many festival sets and supported the likes of Scar Symmetry, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Vader and death metal demi-gods Decapitated on their travels. So, 'lazy' and 'Bloodshot Dawn' are almost polar opposites, but being a hardworking bunch isn't enough – you need to pack some serious tunes to stand out from the pack. And that they do, with their debut, self-titled album landing like a drop of blood amongst piranhas. It put the wheels in motion, and since then Bloodshot Dawn have gone about doing what they do best: tearing up stages across the country.

'Beckoning Oblivion' does exactly what it says on the tin, as masses of deathly riffs rain down and attempt to summon the end of the world. The balls out display of technicality carries on into 'Dedication To A Dead Cause' which also ramps up the pace and hostility. Not content with simply smashing everything with their white-hot aggression, Bloodshot Dawn want to surgically pick you apart with blistering virtuosity. Serial shredders Benjamin Ellis and Josh McMorran tear and slice through a barrage of precise guitar work, the latter of the pair also contributes an impressive gravel-throated bellow to proceedings.

The meaty 1-2 combo of 'Godless' and 'Vision' is a real highlight. It begins life as a brutal heads-down thrasher and evolves into a windmill inducing, stomping juggernaut. By now Bloodshot Dawn should be on enough radars to warrant a high spot on most bills, they certainly have the work ethic and talent to justify it. If skilful displays of growly savagery and nimble-fingered guitar work sound like your thing, then look no further.

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