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Cannibal Corpse have been reigning strong at the forefront of the Death Metal scene since they started their gore-obsessed crusade twenty-four years ago. They still are showing no signs of retirement or bowing to any current musical trends. The Floridian five-piece has been churning out classics since 1990’s ‘Butchered at Birth’ which set the bench mark for gruesome lyrics and the infamous album artwork.

The bluntly titled ‘Torture’ is the twelfth offering from the Death Metal legends and continues the progression of the band from its youthful, raw aggression to the cunning, methodical massacring machine it is today. Although the song titles may be less macabre then ‘Necropedophile’, ‘Meat Hook Sodomy’ or ‘Entrails Ripped from a Virgin’s Cunt’ the overall quality of each track is still very high.

‘Demented Aggression’ is exactly the start to an album that rabid Corpse fans have come to expect. Brutal, frenzied and unrelenting are a few words that describe the horror that unfolds. George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher’s percussive barks and deranged screams tear their way through a chaotic collection of riffs and blastbeats. ‘Scourge of Iron’ keeps the audible assault going, and then slows into a menacing, stalking tower of hostility that beats your ear-drums to a bloody mess.

Founding members Paul Mazurkiewicz on the drums and Bassist Alex Webster mercilessly crush the slower sections and are equally destructive on faster paced songs like ‘Encased in Concrete’, which, by way of graphic lyrics, vividly places you in a six foot hole, feeling suffocated as you are buried in slowly-hardening concrete. Guitarists Pat O’Brian and Rob Barrett blaze through the track list with pulverising riffing and memorable soloing as seen in ‘Torn Through’.

I recently caught Cannibal Corpse at the HMV Forum whilst on tour with Triptykon, Enslaved and Job for a Cowboy and the new songs went down brilliantly to a crowd baying for aural violence and bludgeoning anthems.

While this may not be a career best, it certainly can rival any Cannibal Corpse album to date. Once again showing the youngsters how Death Metal is done, Corpse have been in devastating form since their 2006 opus ‘Kill’ and look set to continue their reign as the band that define the genre. Long live the kings!

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