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Fans of post-hardcore have been spoilt of late with an abundance of fresh bands coming through and pushing the scene forward. This is where Cardinal Bay come in with new music and take the genre by the balls. Answers is the bands second EP and each of the five tracks contained within it show a growth in almost every way from their 2015 debut Way back Home.

The EP is kicked off with the title track and it’s one that leaves you knowing exactly what you’ve just let yourself in for. Soaring riffs are joined by atmospheric vocals and it initially feels like they might be punching above their weight with this opening track. Then Out Of Sight kicks in with a slightly darker feel to it and you realise they’re just that good at writing catchy as hell songs that pack a punch. Out Of Sight epitomises what Cardinal Bay can do, with the two vocal styles bringing what feel like heart-felt written lyrics to life. It has an Alexisonfire feel to it and for me there isn't much more of a compliment than that. 

#Shotgun contains possibly the most infectious riffs of 2016 and the vocals mirror this creating a track that has you reaching for the back button to replay it time and time again. Masquerade flows nicely into There Are No Flames In Hell to close out a truly excellent EP and a piece of work that any self respecting post-hardcore fan should have their hands on. Answers mixes screams, riffs and clean vocals and creates a 20 minute masterpiece. 

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