Carnifex - Die Without Hope

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Carnifex are a band that should be bigger. In a dying scene, they are a band with an edge over everyone else, as they have an abundance of both ideas and conviction. Deathcore is a scene that is dying slowly and painfully, as bands wither spin their wheels and rehash the same ideas or they add a hip hop spin on things, either way the scene is eating itself alive, leaving itself wide open for a reinvention.

Carnifex took an absence in 2012 when the band went on hiatus and it seems the time away has done them the world of good, as their return album 'Die Without Hope' is the best thing they have ever done. Its an album brimming full of maturity and invention, showcasing a more layered and focused side to them as a band, whilst also injecting a healthy dose of black metal into their death metal leanings. It makes for more satisfying listen than the band's previous output which itself at times has felt a bit paint by numbers.

The added keys to the sound on 'Die Without Hope' adds an underlying melodic edge that undercuts and punctuates the overall sound, but it doesn't dull any of the brutality on display and Carnifex have shown that they can inject melody without losing any of their death metal credibility in the process. Bands like Winds of Plague and Bleeding Through have both employed keyboards in their sound to great effect and Carnifex have shown it also works on their particular style as well.

Carnifex are band that sounds organic and like a band that has been through the ringer and 'Die Without Hope' seems like an outpouring of that. In one condensced blast of bile and blood, this is an album that will strip paint from the walls and ignite violent mosh pits the world over, with a production that really pops from the speakers and adds that extra spark to it.

Carnifex are a band that flew under my radar for a very long time, but fortunately and thankfully 'Die Without Hope' has managed to put them firmly in my sights and has showcased what a great band they can be when they spread their wings. They have written a killer album full of bone crushing bouncing death metal jams leading them straight to the top of the pile, they will definitely be ones to watch going forward.


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