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If a little bit of Metalcore is your tipple, then maybe let your ears feast on Aberdeen’s, Cleanse the Hive. The Scottish five piece have been knocking around since 2011 and I have got my hands on their latest release ‘From the Depths’. Here are my thoughts on their new recording.
Initial thoughts are that the recording is really good. Very well produced. You never know what to expect from bands that are unsigned but this is very tidy work. Kudos to whoever mastered it. The band should be extremely happy with the sound in any case. 
Focusing on the vocals for a second. You’re not always able to fully understand a screaming vocalist or you know it’s usually difficult, but you can hear each word flow from the lips of Callum Hutchinson. He has a fantastic range with his highs sticking out at the forefront and the guttural blending in comfortably with the rest of the music as they should. He rotates between the two during each song and it’s a real pleasure to hear. 
The guitars next and they are have what I would call a standard down tuned metal guitar sound. There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, it really compliments that harmonies between guitars, vocals and drums. They have some real groovy riffs splurged everywhere in this EP.
From the very first song called Eviscerate, you know you’re in for a treat. It really is something you can bang your head along to. A great mixture of high and low vocals and an onslaught of pounding riffs with that all important groove element everywhere to hear.
Onto the next song, Cities of Gold. Now this started off great. A beasty chugging verse riff, then into a barrage of double kick, joyous to hear. But during a rather tasty breakdown, the song takes a nose dive with a decision to use pig squeals. Now, they can be awesome as long as they are placed tactically in a song, whereas it feels they were thrown in because they can be done and there are lots of them. After this though, and the song goes into a really cool interlude which adds to the atmosphere of the EP. The lyrics “YOUR SOUL…” ring through your mind once the song is done.
The Reign of Tyrants goes into a more Metalcore feel with breakdowns everywhere to be heard. This is great though. It really got my head banging. Also, the vocalist really got to show his range in this song which I was extremely impressed with.
The title track next and From the Depths doesn’t disappoint. From the very beginning you know this song has feels. It reminds me a little of Whitechapel. A great intro into a breakdown styled verse, then a massive chorus makes this a well written song and to finish off a nice blues style solo with harmonies. Impressed is an understatement.
So to finish it all is Terror Rising and you want the last song to be memorable right. Well then you’re not going to be disappointed with this one. It’s completely different to the rest of the album for starters. A really cool drum beat start, then into a fun sounding riff which you know you could got mental to. Ending the EP with a string set over the guitars, what can I say other than it was a very nice touch to finish it all off.
This was a great listen. I was a little apprehensive as I suppose everyone is on an unknown band. But I was enthralled. The Cleanse the Hive guys should be extremely satisfied with this.
Please do not overlook these guys, they are well worth a listen!
Recommended Track: Eviscerate

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Lover of the dark & loud, if you can attach the word 'Metal' to it, then it's probably worth Alex listening.

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