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Crossfaith are one of the most exciting bands in the world right now. Whilst touring their Zion EP, Crossfaith have begun to create a reputation as one of the hardest rocking, hardest partying and most fun bands around. Their amalgamation of heavy metal and dance music is second to none and Apocalyze continues to break down the borders of metal as we know it.

Apocalyze, as the name suggests, is the soundtrack to the end of the world that leaves you baffled as to whether to mosh, or dance. For anyone familiar with Crossfaith, opening track, Deathwish, is exactly what you’d expect, riffs that sound like the guitarist has knocked back 10 Jagerbombs (which is probably the case) and then unleashed himself upon his six strings. Throw in the trance madness alongside that and you’ve got what this band is all about, challenging musical norms, fusing two contrasting sounds and making it work, whilst partying and drinking their livers away.

Only The Wise Can Control Our Eyes, slaps you in the chops with a riff that makes Suicide Silence sound like Frank Turner and Hounds Of Apocalypse is a statement in itself, proving that they really are the best band to have integrated two contrasting genres of music so seamlessly.

Newer additions to the bands arsenal of sounds feature later in the album on tracks like Scarlet and Counting Stars, which introduce subtle but distinct different styles of synths with female vocals and even a violin section.

It’s almost as if Crossfaith know that what they’re doing is something special, titling their climactic song, We Are The Future another song of superb sonic mastery. This band is leagues ahead of their time, creating music people could only dream of in their most deep drug fuelled dreams. Apocalyze is music you’d imagine being played in a dystopian rave. If you like to have a good time, party, dance or mosh, then this album is for you. These tunes are going to be played in every metal/alternative club throughout the country and Crossfaith are going to continue to wreak havoc, drink and party their way through tour after tour, enhancing their reputation as one of the most fun and wild bands in the world.

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