Darkness Divided - Written In Blood

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In what has been the year of metalcore comes another offering from a band hoping to emerge from the pack. Darkness Divided are a Christian metalcore band hailing from San Antonio, Texas and their debut full length release Written In Blood is an enjoyable, if not stand out, breakdown filled thirty five minute romp. 
The Hands That Bled is an example of a song where they get it very right, with riffs, vocals and breakdowns (not to mention a cracking solo) all combining well into a song which will have you wanting to hit the repeat button. Experimentation with larger amounts of sampling such as on The Descent fares less well but is an encouraging sign that Darkness Divided are looking to develop beyond the bog-standard metalcore sound.
Whilst not ground breaking, there's plenty here for metalcore fans to enjoy, and enough promise to suggest if they keep going Darkness Divided could mean serious business.

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