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You wouldn’t think that A Day To Remember were from the Sunshine State, as the Ocala quintet propel themselves back into the dark depths of metalcore. Its been almost three years since the release of ‘What Separates Me From You’, and whilst it satisfied my tastebuds, it didn’t match up to its predecessors. ‘Common Courtesy’ is the latest offering, and boy does it deliver. When every form of social media bombarded us with ‘Violence (Enough Is Enough)’, it was clear that A Day To Remember were returning to their heavier background. Lets face it, we all got excited. Dormant no longer, they’re back.

The album plummets into the lyric ‘Fuck yeah!’ with blood thirst passion from Jeremy McKinnon where ‘City of Ocala‘ pays tribute to the band’s roots. Partners on the record, ‘Right Back At It Again’ charges the record’s momentum, and leads to what is reminiscent of 2008’s ‘For Those Who Have Heart”, ‘Sometimes You’re The Hammer, Sometimes You’re The Nail’. It exposes the band’s progression, but still retains the classic pop-punk elements of their unique sound. Put this way, this track shows that Jeremy’s still “got it” lyrically and vocally.

The band show their slower side with ‘I’m Already Gone’ and ‘End Of Me’. It gives the record a break from ferocity, exploring the band’s emotional side. The lyrics are personal, and provides subtle beauty through a melodic tone. But what truly gives this record an insight into the lives of ADTR, is the use of recorded conversations. The stories exposed from tour life within the album is a rare find, but one that works to their advantage. Who wouldn’t want to know more about these guys, hey?

While the album isn’t overly adventurous, it is courageous. ‘The Document Speaks For Itself’ appears to be a track that antagonises their record label. ‘No fucking respect’, alongside rebellious behaviour at the end of the track highlights the fury from ADTR. Rules were made to be broken, lets face it. A Day To Remember have made a victorious return, with a record that epitomises their journey as a band. Be ready, as when their 2014 tour lands in the UK, this record will get mosh-pits going, and tears flowing. Welcome back boys.

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