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Denial Machine are a band that Scribes Of Metal stumbled across completely by accident, possibly through Facebook. If you aren't familar with Denial Machine, they're an American five piece band hailing from Chicago, Illinois and were formed in 2009. After making contact with them they were kind enough to send across their E.P, The Gainsaying of Korah to be given the once over in the Scribes castle. So what do we make of it?

It is clear from a first listen that Denial Machine have all the ingredients to be a successful metal band in the twenty first century, but so do many, many other bands and its what you do with those ingredients that matters. The Gainsaying of Korah kicks off with a bang in the form of Reccmpense, a song that is reminiscent of Shadows Fall at the height of their powers around the time of The Art of Balance album. There are a couple of top quality riffs in the song and Skube's vocals fit the music very well indeed (and the sparing use of clean vocals is also very effective), topped off with a couple of very nice guitar solo's.
The pace is maintained nicely with Silver Tongued Devil, with more high quality six string work and the odd blast of Randy Blytheesque vocals prior to giving way to a catchy chorus. Promises is a good melodic metal song, while The E.P's title track and closing number waits only a minute to break into a quality solo whilst continuing to batter the senses for its full three and a half minutes length.
Denial Machine combine elements of the styles of many bands who are well known and loved but they are still able to put their own unique stamp on their songs. They do not sound like a rip off act of any of the other bands mentioned, they've just taken bits and pieces of what they like, added their own ideas and mixed it all together. And it makes for a very enjoyable twenty minutes worth of listening. It's probably not going to tick the boxes of those who exclusively like black metal or extreme metal but that could be said for an awful lot of other bands much more well known than Denial Machine. I thoroughly recommend this E.P to any general metal fans, particularly those who like mainstream American style metal and/or New Wave Of American Heavy Metal style bands. 
This is a really good E.P and it will be very interesting to see if Denial Machine can maintain this kind of quality over a full length album. The overall score for the album is reflective of the fact there are only four songs. They have a self titled full length album which was actually released before this E.P, so Scribes Of Metal will do our best to get our hands on it and let our readers know what it is like.

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